Fierce winds give birth to the strongest sailors

Story 2 Ink is my story, your story, everyone’s story. It is the book we all want to write. It is the song we all want to sing. It gives a voice to our tender hearts. Sharing that special part of us with those we love. It is the story of my young family, hurt by betrayal. Who said “NO WAY!” We are better than this! We are courageous and have become the strongest sailors.

Do you ever feel plain old boring? That everyone thinks your name is VANILLA? Not white, taupe or beige, just plain simple old vanilla. I am a Mom, an award-winning hairstylist, a business owner and a million other happy things. Years ago, all I could feel was the “lost in laundry blues”.

Yup!! That is exactly how I was feeling, standing in the piles of laundry and the endless calls of Mom, Mom, “MOM”! I had just given birth to my sixth beautiful child, my fifth amazing daughter and one handsome but lonely son right in the middle of all those girls. I always wanted a large family with lots of children. It just hit me, that, is exactly what I now have. From my oldest at the time at 16 all the way down to newborn. Life was very hectic. It felt like I didn’t have an identity or a personality of my own.

A very fierce wind hit us full force, catching us off guard. A challenge so big and so overwhelming that I had to stop thinking about being Miss VANILLA and fight for the lives of my young family. The only thing I knew was that I had my faith which has always comforted me and had been such a big part of me. I didn’t know what else I had that would help us come through a challenge this big.

Turns out, the “else” I had was a heart full of faith and courage, with a head full of great ideas. From then on COURAGE has become my name. Like the mother bird in a nest with six little ones, their mouths wide open wanting to be fed. Learning to dig for worms by going back to my roots and finding those hidden talents and skills that I had always thought were vanilla too.

Sewing, quilting, cutting hair, baking bread, and doing laundry seemed so ordinary. All great skills for a Mom but not so good as the main source of income for the seven of us. Until…..

Sitting and thinking one day, “I never finished a quilt. Never ever did I finish any of them.” I’m sure there are lots of Mom’s like me. That spent hard earned money on a truck load of fabric but never finished a single quilt. Then it hit me. I could build quilting in such a way that every one, even a child could sew, quilt and finish their projects. This was the single, courageous decision, that set me on a new and exciting path. One that lead to 17 years of manufacturing my own unique and creative product lines. It all started with quilting kits, which lead to finished product lines, then to wholesale, then digital printing and now to the jumping off point of this new, even more creative and exciting start-up. A start-up with a twist. Combining everything I had done right, minus the wrong. Everything that I was passionate about and loved doing. With this new idea, came the catching of a new wind in my sail. Searching for better ways, streamlined ways, more creative ways of utilizing technology to breeze forward to the Cutting Edge.

Don’t ever say you can’t do it. Don’t ever say, you’re not courageous. Don’t ever say “Oh poor me, why did this happen to me”.  You are not vanilla and plain old boring. Grab a hold of your heart. Gather your courage and invent, create, sing in the rain with cute boots, cut hair, bake bread, start a business, and love your family. Dreams do come true. People do believe in you! Believe in yourself.

I once was told to write a book. I didn’t. There were a lot of things that I would have liked to do, I didn’t. But I continued to work hard, raising my six amazing children to become outstanding human beings. And making many mistakes along the way. Yet mistakes are only failures if you let them stop you. For me success is turning failure and mistakes into enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for discovering something better by pushing forward and not accepting “No.”

Share with us, celebrate your story that is hiding just under the surface. Show us your skills, your talents, your courageous life moments, and warmest memories. Let us preserve your memories in such a way that you can pass them on to those who mean the most to you. The people that fill your life with love and connection.

WIYS ~ What Is Your Story? Let’s discover and share it together.

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